Lighting Services

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Lighting Design – Commercial and Residential

We have a fully LIA qualified lighting design team that will ensure your project meets the compliance of all relevant standards and codes of practise, which we are strictly governed by the defined CIBSE standards. Even from a Value engineering perspective to save on the projects spend, we would ensure the products we put forward are not going to compromise on your projects compliance, whilst meeting set budgets.

Within the residential market the standards are more relaxed, however expertise of lighting design is more prevalent because this is normally the space you love to share with family to create the perfect ambiance. This is done with years of experienced knowledge to create the perfectly lit environment for your customer or family.

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Retrofit conversions of older lighting technology

Our team of highly experienced product designers have many years of designing and retrofitting modern LED Lighting technology into more conventional and even historic light fixtures. This takes a unique skillset to ensure thermal management, driver electronics, glare control, dimming functionality, environmental factors along with aesthetics are all perfectly in tune to delivery a long lasting light fixture that’s fit for purpose. In the age of recycling and circular economy on components we will design the product to ensure its suitable to be recycled and reused at the natural end of its functional life. WEEE registered means we will can take of your end of life electronic waste and have that recycled too.

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CAD Drawings

We offer a fully comprehensive CAD service ranging from marking plans, lighting layout, reworking drawings, products design to mechanical-electrical markups and notation. We will create from scratch or work with architectural plans to deliver the CAD information you require. We can even rebrand CAD drawings for your business. Revit is fast moving into every day commercial building regulations, we can assist on revit integration and BIM files of Lighting fixtures for avoidance of service clashes within the Architects plans and drawings.

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3D Modelling/Visuals

We can offer detailed 3D visuals and high quality renders of your projects concept, through to pre and post contract. We find visual early stage, whilst they can be costly, really do help sell the concept to the client. It enables them to picture the environment before the building even starts.

quality control

Quality Control Inspection

On all our projects, whether it's our own product range of the high quality luminaire manufacturers we have partnered with, upon delivery of the goods we always QC check the products. This gives you peace of mind that the products will arrive at site, fully accounted for, visually checked, electronically power on tested, arrive undamaged and most importantly the correct specification.

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Wiring Schematics

We understand the demands of fast paced projects, to assume everyone in the installation has the same level of knowledge or even information on how to wire to the fittings, be it in series, parallel or series-parallel circuit, right through to controls. We can ensure your drawings are marked up with our wiring schematics to ensure there are no misunderstandings on what is required onsite.

box labelling

Project Product Labelling

We understand how frustrating it can be to have pallets or lots of boxes arrive all in component form to site from lots of different manufacturers or just grouped together because it’s easier and quicker to get it shipped out the door. We go that extra mile, after the QC process we will mark up the products with the luminaire reference according to the design, we also cross reference its location so you know exactly out of the box what the product is and where it’s going. This is particularly useful if you have the same product with different variations such as CCT, beam angles, IP Rating, drive current or dimming methods. An example of this would be: Ref A, Ground Hallway, 4 light to 1 driver in series.

led product testing

Product Testing

Have you struggled with a particular manufacturer's product failing continuously onsite, having issues with warranty claims. We offer independent and impartial product testing. This often involves disassembling the product down to its BOM components to find the cause of the failure, if it’s not obvious. At the very lowest level, we can identify how the LED has failed by inspecting the die-wafer with the chip manufacturers. We will then send you a full report on what we have found.

project management

Project Management

A large part of what we deliver is the total service that is hands-on, personal with a high level of attention to detail, reliability, customer focussed and delivers excellence as standard. This will stem from ensuring we are being prompt and efficient, working to your timescales and budgets. We add value to all our clients by removing the hassle of product sourcing, giving them a one-stop route, with all the features we offer fully inclusive. Whilst we endeavour to be as competitive as you need us to be, for our excellent services sometimes this cost is worth paying that little extra for. From start to finish our PM service is second to none in terms of exceeding your expectations.

remove Technical Support

Remote Technical Support

Pre or Post contract often involves a lot of technical knowledge of the project, products and integrated services. We are on hand every step of the way, as little or as much as you need us. We can deliver your technical backup and support remotely to your clients, representing your business.

Onsite Support lighting

Onsite Technical Support

This is an add value of the technical support remotely, by being present onsite to help with any product technical queries. This integrates nicely with all our services pre and post contract to ensure everything goes smoothly, often catching something early to avoid any serious issues further down the line.

lightning tetsing

Product Sampling

We’ve done the design, value engineered a solution for you, simply unsure of what the product looks and feels like in your hand? There is nothing quite like seeing a product powered on to understand its full functionality. A working sample is sometimes the only way a project moves forward.

Lighting Maintenance

Maintenance Support

More so with our residential clients we understand you are acquiring high end light fixtures, that often have a long lead time, or complex LED and driver. We can enable an onsite support package that will ensure you always have spares parts available to avoid those moments of darkness prior to an important party or dining function. We will be there to help and resolve, if we cannot rectify there and then, we will come up with a plan of action for you. Invariably will can offer a temporary lighting solution to get you through.

product conversions

Product Conversions

Standard to emergency
Fixed output to dimming
Traditional light to LED
Choice of branded components
Product testing and validating
ICEL and ISO accredited

upcycling support

Maintenance Support

End of life refurbishment
Circular economy support
LED upgrades
Refurbish and reuse
Utilise existing bodywork with LED technology
Ideal for Heritage & listed buildings/products

component validation

Component Validation

thermal analysis

Thermal Analysis

EMC testing

EMC Testing

photometric testing

Photometric Testing