About Optino Lighting

Optino is a British brand focussed on delivering excellence in LED Lighting products through to customer service. We pride ourselves on delivering a confidential, professional and prompt service, ensuring your project is delivered on time with a highly personal service. 

We understand that lighting is sensitive, complex and very subjective which is why we are here to help you every step of the way from design, onsite support, technical queries, samples, procurement and delivery, wiring & schematics to project management. We even take care of the delivery direct to your door ourselves.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in making our lives safe, enjoyable and comfortable whilst working in harmony with our environments. This can be done with glare guards, baffles, accessories such as honeycomb louvres, frosted, opal and micro-prismatic diffusers, correct dimming levels via control methods. 

Optino is an acronym for Optical Innovation.
We believe delivering the right kind of light is essential from for low glare,
light pollution on our ecosystem and insects/BAT conservation.

Principally starting with the correct LED by optimising the secondary optic or reflector dramatically improves light control, avoid light pollution and inefficiencies of the whole luminaire. Factor in the very real human elements which affect our wellbeing such as enjoying the natural circadian rhythm, choosing the correct colour temperatures, colour rendering, dim to warm functionality and tuneable white ranging from 2400K-6500K all are complex features of lighting which relies heavily on optical and primary LED control into efficient visible distribution, therefore it’s imperative to understand how lighting works in various conditions and applications.

Between our carefully designed and manufactured products, we work with world class premium manufacturing brands in ensuring we deliver what is the correct solution for the client and lighting requirements, we will never force a square peg in a round hole to sell products. 

Our partners are carefully selected to ensure we work with only the best the market has to offer for your illuminated experience. Our Lighting manufacturing partners share our vision, care and consideration to the project’s integrity, environmental impact and holistic circular economy approach. 

Our customers range from high end residential, universities, schools & colleges to commercial properties such as offices, retails stores restaurants and manufacturing-warehousing.

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